Polish Alumni Prize

Please note: entries for this award are not open at present. As soon as it becomes available, the Prize will be advertised in the weekly memos and through other university channels (and this message will be removed).


Polish alumni of the University are offering £ 350 in support of a student who is planning to work and live in Poland after graduation.


Application details:

Applicants should submit a 500 word essay under the topic: ‘what I plan to do after graduation and how I see my future in Poland’. Submissions should be made to the Stewardship Officer at stewardship@st-andrews.ac.uk . The deadline for applications is (tbd 2015).

Eligibility: Any second to final year students planning on living and working in Poland after graduation.

Selection: All essays will be read and judged by a joint panel of University staff and a representative of the donating alumni. Criteria will include the quality of the argument, consideration of academic merit and a genuine interest in working Poland after graduation.


This is a fantastic opportunity for some financial support (you can spend the money however you like). In addition the recipient will be put in contact with the alumni donating to the prize, providing a great chance to build up a network of contacts in Poland.